Water Baptism Service

Who's this for?

JCC Congregation

Where's it at?

At the home of the Keys, 10612 Daysailer Dr. Fairfax Station, VA

When is it?

August 21 at 1:30pm

Does it cost?

If you desire to be Water Baptized, please fill out the online form and turn it into the office. There will be a meeting for all candidates at 10:10am in Room 211 upstairs that Sunday morning.

You will be given a white baptismal robe to wear during the baptism and you can wear a bathing suit or shorts and t-shirt underneath the robe. Please bring a change of clothes and a towel with you.

Every believer should be baptized. The Scriptures plainly show we are not baptized to be saved but because we are saved (Mark 16:16). Baptism is meaningless unless a person is first saved. No incident or example is found in the New Testament where anyone was baptized before salvation.

We are so excited to celebrate with you!

 *PLEASE park on the Cul-De-Sac BEFORE their driveway

Event Registration