Bill Frasnelli

Lead Pastor

Bill has been married to his wife Mary since 1974.  Yes, that means they are "William & Mary".  They have three children - Dan, Mike and Sara.  Daniel is married to Mariska who made Bill and Mary grandparents in 2005 with the birth of Marco. Their second grandchild, Caitlyn, was born in 2007.

Bill grew up in Ohio.  He was raised in a traditional church and received Christ as savior at age 22 during a time  known as the "Charismatic Movement".  Mary grew up in Delaware.  Although not raised in church, she received  Jesus as her Lord just prior to her marriage to Bill.  As a former R.N., she now enjoys volunteering at the local  hospital as well as at church.

His life journey has taken him to work in a steel mill, to military service with the U.S. Army and successful businessman.  In 1981, a major shift came for Bill as he prepared educationally through Rhema Bible School and Berean College.  In his ministry career Bill has served as a jail chaplain, served as Pastor 6 years in Ohio and has served the congregation at Jubilee Christian Center for over 20 years.  He also serves as Presbyter of the Capital Va D.C. area for the Assemblies of God, giving oversight to 34 churches.  Bill enjoys the opportunity he has serving as a "coach" to younger new church planters.

Bill enjoys time with his family and watching them fulfill God's plans for their lives.  He likes to have fun (even in church) and he enjoys riding his Harley for pleasure and ministry.  Bill likes to "cheer on" the Pittsburgh Steelers and the George Mason Patriots.

Auto mechanics is a hobby for Bill and he enjoys being involved in hard work - whether it be for missions, church or personal volunteerism.  He has found that enduring relationships can be found when working together for the common good.

Lifelong learning is something Bill values.  When he speaks, his appetite for knowledge of the Bible, historical and current events is very evident as he helps the listener connect a relationship with God and real life.

Mike Colón

Associate Pastor

Mike Colón is married to Sonja and they have two daughters who are active in sports and church activities.

Mike was born in New York City on April Fool’s day (don’t say anything).  He and his family moved to Puerto Rico when he was eleven.  There he learned to appreciate the beach, windsurfing and his Latino heritage; however, his Spanish still has much to be desired.  When he was fourteen his inconsistent religious life was transformed into a loving relationship with Jesus Christ, and has continued to grow from that day.

After graduating from High School he went to American University in Washington D. C..  He majored in  Personnel Management and Computer Systems.  After graduating, he worked for a banking firm for a year while going to Seminary. He began serving in full time ministry as a Church business manager and later became a Youth and Associate Pastor.  He has been serving as Jubilee Christian Center’s Associate Pastor since 2002.

Mike is a people person who also enjoys playing with his girls, missions, eating, fishing, traveling and attempting to play golf with family and friends.

Felicia Monacell

Children's Pastor

Felicia is a graduate from Valley Forge Christian College, and is now the children's pastor at Jubilee Christian Center as of May 2011. Felicia interned for the Potomac District Assemblies of God Christian Education Department in summer 2010. Felicia is from Long Beach California where she was raised in a Christian home, although she didn't come to know Christ as her own until High School. Since that life changing moment she has been serving the Lord wherever He has guided her.

Felicia's goal is to bring children to know Christ as their personal savior; she believes that children can be saved and must be given an opportunity to know Christ. Therefore her challenge is create an atmosphere where children can learn the fundamentals of the bible and its truths. Felicia wants to develop a place where kids can grow closer to God and become Christ-like; she believes that children can experience God and through spending time with Him they can adopt his character. She wants to win more souls for the kingdom and she believes kids are fully capable of doing amazing things and that they to are called to minister, they have talents and gifts that God has given them to be used.  She wants to give kids the chance to develop and use those gift as well as developing ministry opportunities for our kids to lead others and share their faith, in the church and out.

Felicia enjoys hiking, reading, watching movies, and hanging out with friends

John Dingle

Worship and Youth Pastor

John and Lisa met in college in 1994, have served in ministry since 1995 and were married in May of 2001. They have 2 beautiful children, Ali and Ryan.  John began attending church at the age of 7. He found comfort during the difficult teen years by pouring his energy into playing trumpet, piano and studying music theory. Just prior to graduating college with a Bachelor's degree in Music Education, God called him to serve in full-time ministry. He completed his Master's in Ministerial Leadership from Southeastern University in 2010. John has has served in ministry as a member of an evangelistic team, a church planter, a music director and youth pastor.

John has a heart to see young people empowered to serve God and fulfill His purpose for their lives as well as see the Body of Christ fully experience the presence of God in praise and worship. He enjoys spending time with his family, playing golf with friends and developing mentoring relationships with young leaders.